Video: Last Canada Episode (4)

Only a few more hours than I will leave this beautiful country again. With this video I bring my travel podcast to an end, giving you once again a new “type” of video. I put a lot of photos in, it almost is a slide show.. :-)

Melanie and I traveled through all the National Parks, leaving out only “Glacier NP”, driving the 273km long Icefield Parkway and discovered a couple of things very quickly:

  • They are really beautiful.
  • We had seen just as beautiful places before, without paying only for “being in” the parks.
  • There where a lot more people around, even in low season (can’t imagine how it would be in high season). So finding places that you have for yourself is a bit harder.

Anyhow. These where some fantastic days again! We finished our vacation a bit more relaxed in Kelowna and Kamloops doing some easy kayaking and mountain biking. Thank you, Melanie, for making this a fantastic and unforgettable journey through the Rockies!

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