Video: Canada Episode 1

So here it is, the first video of my so far absolutely fabulous vacation. But first: some catching up.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to help out as a race course marshal at the “GranFondo” in Banff, a big road biking race. For this, I got up a 4am, only to bike 25k into Banff and be at the grid for the bikers at 7am, ready to go. It was a cool experience to operate for once from the “other side”. After 2 checkpoints I was finally placed right at the finish line and got some nice photos, attached at the end.

Tuesday I went caving with Burgess. This however wasn’t anything like the caves I did in NZ, mostly because we spend the whole day underground, and – in parts – it was really narrow. Two particular spots where only about 25cm high, barely enough to get through at all and definitely small enough to get me out of my comfort zone. I still enjoyed it though and even got to see a variety of  some old bones.

As a treat, I did some german cooking (Kaiserschmarrn) for my lovely host family and got to drink half a “Tegernseer” beer with Burgess. I did not care at all about the two different tastes. The beer was just tooooo good.

Enjoy this first Video from Western Canada, featuring parts of Burgess’ fantastic geology theater  play at Bow Valley Campground and my favorite bike trail “Soft Yogurt”! AND: thanks to all my friends who tipped in for the GoPro Chest Mount birthday present!

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2 responses to “Video: Canada Episode 1

  1. alter, die trails sind der wahnsinn! ich bin echt neidisch. und das raften sieht auch hammer geil aus. aber was haben die 2 von diesem theater geraucht? das beste ist das ballett der kontinentalplatten :D

    • Ha! Die Trails sind der absolute Hammer! Sowas müssen wir uns zu Hause auch mal basteln..
      Burgess Hexen-Interpretation wird definitiv auf seiner Hochzeit gezeigt;-) Aber sehr witzig, und wird umsonst am Campingplatz aufgeführt! Beste Grüße in die Heimat

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