Video: I-Club Cottage Weekend

You think you saw enough hiking videos from New Zealand now? Well, this one is rather different, cause it was “hiking” with some of this years exchange students. As tutors of the I-Club, Nadine, Max and I took some 12 fun people along to the “Blaueishütte” in the very south-east corner of Germany.

The original plan to hike up a mountain from the cottage (even just a little one in the early hours for a sunrise) was compromised by the huge amount of snow still being present at that altitude. We made the best of it and spend an afternoon playing some of my favorite games (with lots of participants :-)))  and at least hiking up near the glacier on the next morning.

I also got a chance to test walk my new and yellow hiking boots. They didn’t feel very necessary at first and I felt a little overdressed compared to the sneakers of the exchange students (also: I had a backpack, others had plastic bags..), but they did help with all the snow. Luckily eveybody made it up and down the mountain so we could enjoy the “Königssee” and the local “Salt Mine” on Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!


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4 responses to “Video: I-Club Cottage Weekend

  1. Pedro

    Great job making this video!

  2. Val

    Super ! +1 gefällt mir ! :)

  3. Nadine

    BENEEEEEE!!!!!! Awesome job, really, you should change your profession! :-)

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