The first month with the “Internationals”

I am really tired. The day at the “Therme Erding” and the last couple of days in general have been very funny, but filled with less sleep. A month ago the exchange students from all over the world (except Africa and Australia) arrived, just in time to catch the second week of the Oktoberfest. Since then, the tutors of the International Club organized many events. We are making sure to give the “Internationals” at least once a week the chance to see each other at official activities. At the beginnig of a new term, that mostly means joining the “Freshman Parties” of all the different faculties. Now after many cocktails and beers, I’m looking forward to trips to the “Deutsches Museum”, Regensburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden, the Memorial Site at Dachau and a factory tour at Knorr Bremse M√ľnchen. Later in the year we will go ice skating and skiing.


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